About the Educator

Fantaghiro23 used to be a high school English teacher for 12 years. Actually, she only taught English for 11 of those years, as one year was spent teaching Math, her minor. She took a break from classroom teaching in order to spend more time with herself and her two beautiful children, from whom she constantly learns about what it truly means to be an educator.

For a time, fantaghiro23 worked as a writer/editor of instructional materials and as a teacher trainer, both of which are her passions, too. Currently, fantaghiro23 works with an ebook and etextbook conversion, publishing, and distribution company, which is great because books are also one of her great loves.

Though fantaghiro23 no longer works in education or educational content, she remains an elearning enthusiast, who often looks at things and thinks how they could be incorporated in instruction.

Fantaghiro23 would like to clarify that the content of this blog are her opinions solely and in no way represent the beliefs or opinions of her current or previous employers.

To get to know her better, you can also check out her other blog, Coffeespoons, where she geeks out about her other passion--books.